Call for Volunteers

We are about to start construction of the Dartmoor Way Walking Route. We plan to carry out much of the work with the aid of Volunteers. This call is request that you register your interest if you wish to volunteer in any way.

The project is a joint Ramblers/Dartmoor National Park initiative. Volunteers who are familiar with Ramblers will understand the tasks associated with footpath maintenance. We offer the same outdoor experience with less emphasis on footpath maintenance and rather more emphasis on putting up signs and logos.

No doubt there will be a need for weed clearance somewhere on the route so feel free to volunteer for a slasher role if this suits you.

Please register your interest in the roles. We expect to start the project in early 2019, work on the ground will follow in Summer 2019.

We need teams to undertake to undertake work on the ground such as erecting signs.

But we also need a range of other skills e.g.:

  • Marketing to advise our publicity team
  • Design to assist with web site and brochure design
  • Publicity web and social media
  • Helping to recruit our volunteers
  • Administration such as Secretarial and Finance
  • We will be formalising the roles with Job Descriptions. These will be available shortly, please register for a Job Description if you wish to see a formal document before volunteering.
  • Register with Michael Owen
Dartmoor Walking Way